Business Engagement Consultant

(Freelancer or Contract position) 

I am a happy father of two and successful Norwegian entrepreneur and motivational speaker. I have a very unique story to tell. In my 20’s my reality turned back harder than most and I almost ended up somewhere that could have quickly become the end station. I was a drug addict and with the help of one person, ironically a police officer, I managed to get back on my feet. This was my last chance and this person saw something in me that others didn’t. He gave me the rare chance to start over again and I will forever be grateful for this second chance in my life.

From this experience, I started my own business with the idea to educate and support people and prevent them to make the same mistake as I did. My focus is not just on the healthcare industry but also on other areas of business where people might need help before drifting apart.

My company is becoming more and more successful, and it’s time to take it to the next level. This is where I need your help.

Are you a freelancer, a business advisor, a leader, a mentor or a business coach who is looking for a new project? If you are an innovative thinker who wants to make an impact, this could be your next job.

Your background could be, but is not limited to, the healthcare industry, education or business growth. You could be a former CEO, an entrepreneur or a creative maker.

I am looking for someone open minded and dedicated to support me with my vision and path to educate others. Additionally,

  • I want you to be a team player who enjoys sharing knowledge and having a positive influence on the people you work with
  • I want you to put my vision into action
  • I want you to convince me with your analytic capabilities and strategic thinking
  • I want you to be adaptable to a constantly-changing environment and
  • I want to hear your ideas

You don’t have to be an expert in social media but you should have a good understanding of how to make leverage it and how to build a personal brand.

Excellent client-facing communication skills and proven work experience in project management are a necessity. You will be working on different projects concurrently, so your time management and multitasking skills will be put to the test. You need to have excellent English communication skills and any Scandinavian language is a plus but not a requirement.

Are you ready to go the extra mile?

This freelancer project will be starting with 5-10 hours a week and will increase over time.

Please send your reply via email to Anja, my HR partner in Canada and let us know if you have any further question.

We are looking forward to hear from you.


Translator German-Russian

(Freelancer or Contract position) 

My client is a German attorney and tax consultancy based in Frankfurt and we are currently looking for a team of highly committed, specialized and experienced translators for some of our legal documents, marketing material, including blogs and parts of the website. The translation is from German to Russian and ideally Russian is your first language. However, you need to be able to master both languages the same way. Most of the marketing and website blogs have a legal and tax related background, too. The client is interested in a long term work relationship and we would like to add you to our pool of freelancer. Please apply with a cover letter stating your experience, your availability and your rate. We are looking forward to hear back from you.