Hi! I am Anja, an internationally experienced Hiring Manager and a Career Coach. I have worked many years in major cooperations around the world and have dealt with the full HR circle on a daily basis. Recruiting, onboarding and transition have always been my passion. I know how important it is to find the right words or questions when applying for a new position. Your job should be more than just a nine to five routine and you should define success in a way that is meaningful to you.


Résumé, LinkedIn, interview and job search research assistance in person, by phone or via skype. Let's take the next step to find your best career fit and to prepare you for your dream job.


Professional implementation of HR strategies, such as recruiting, onboarding, talent acquisition, transition or outplacement.


Your 100 % customized career project. Tell me about it and we will find a solution.

I fully respect your privacy, therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed.

Why me?

I am an internationally experienced Hiring Manager and a Career Coach. I am completely bilingual in French and English and German is my first language.

I have worked in the Human Resources Industry for many years, after finishing my degree at the University of Passau in 2006. As a certified Reiss Profile Master and DDI Facilitator, I am equipped to support you in determining all your career options based on your interests and experiences.

Let’s talk about how you measure up compared to competitors in your field or how to find new career opportunities. I know how difficult it can be to go back to your job after having kids or finding a career without sacrificing a good salary and a certain standard of living. Sometimes it is as simple as a change in your career path, sometimes it is more.

I am here to support you on your way.

  • Wes Z., Principal -Bradford Hardware Vancouver, B.C.

    Anja was a complete pleasure to work with, her quality of work was excellent and she provided great professional advice on a limited timeline. Our company was in desperate need of an HR framework and Anja provided us with comprehensive job descriptions, company policies, onboarding procedures, job performance reviews with sales goals and an employee handbook. I will absolutely hire her again in the future.


  • James T., Business Owner, Victoria B.C., Canada

    Anja developed our Recruiting and Interview strategy recently. She approached her work in a detail-oriented, thoughtful and conscientious manner. Her work was thorough and comprehensive. You can’t go wrong with her! Thanks again for all your hard work and we’ll catch you in the next project! 10 out of 10! 

  • Stefan W., Managing Director, Frankfurt Germany

    Was a great pleasure working with you, Anja!

  • Stefan S. – CEO Toronto, Canada

    Anja provided quality work on creating organizational policies/procedures and an employee handbook. Anja is also flexible that she helped creating customer intake form as well. I would hire Anja again for future HR-related tasks.

  • Sebastien D. – Managing Director and corporate client, France

    Anja proved to provide great feedback with an expertise on all things HR Management. I look forward to more opportunities to work with her.

  • Steve K. – Student Advisor, Guelph Canada

    I met with Anja to explore career options and prepare for my annual performance evaluation. Anja was well prepared for our meeting and asked great questions about my current job and work environment. She helped me to clarify and rephrase some of the challenges I was facing, which helped me to explain them to my supervisor in a clear, focused, but uncomplaining way. I felt confident going into the meeting, and got the highest performance rating possible. Partly due to the work I had done for the past year, but communicating it effectively was key. It’s nice to have professional help for unfamiliar situations and I will hire Anja for future career counselling needs.

  • Rob. E. – Senior Engineer, Toronto Canada

    I was very glad I got to work with Anja. I am trying to relocate to Germany with my family, and Anja helped me adjust my Canadian resume to German requirements. She is an expert in both job markets and very familiar with the different application standards. Anja‘s support was very professional with lots of great advice and quick results. Thank you!

  • Juliane L. E. – Architect, Toronto Canada

    It was a pleasure to work with Anja. She helped me improve my resume and her guidance was not only super professional but also easy to implement and fast. In the end it wasn’t only words and paragraphs she changed- she also upgraded my self-esteem going into the application process after many years at home with kids. Thank you!

  • Evan D. – Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Boston USA

    Anja was extremely thorough and did a phenomenal job helping me with my project. She's very talented and an excellent communicator. I would definitely hire her again and recommend her highly.

  • Arman V., Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker, Trondheim Norway

    Anja helped me with finding the right persons for a project I am working with. She is very easy to communicate with, understand the assignment quickly and gave me a lot of value in addition. And of course; the right person for my project. Highly recommended.

  • Harry B. – CEO, United Kingdom

    I worked with Anja on my company's HR strategy. She is a pleasure to work with, very professional, thoughtful, thorough and fully committed to the client's interest. Being a British based start up video game company with subsidiaries in Germany and Eastern Europe, we didn't have a HR strategy yet but felt the urge to develop one for our employees. With Anja's professional advise and expertise I can provide my employees not only a modern and open minded HR and career path but also a profound way to be on top of any HR challenge in the future.

  • HR consulting client, Canada

    Anja is a very reliable and capable professional fully committed to her client's success. She's been a pleasure to work with.

  • Hamid F. – CEO, Silicon Valley USA

    Anja is a pleasure to work with: professional, thoughtful, thorough and fully committed to the client's interest. I highly recommend her.

  • Norena J., career coaching client, Norway

    Anja is a positive and skillful coach who asks deep questions to get to know you, your situation and what you want. Job hunting is stressful, intimidating and time consuming. It's easy to become stuck and lose your confidence but Anja's a calming force when you feel overwhelmed and brings a fresh and objective perspective to help push you forward. She helped me not only with updating my LinkedIn profile and CV but also came up with a carefully researched list of job ideas and strategies specifically for my background and the Norwegian job market. Anja's HR and recruitment experience is international so it doesn't matter where you come from. Needless to say she comes highly recommended and I'll be using her again. Thank you, Anja! :)

  • Chad D. – Director of Sales, NY USA

    We had a couple meetings with consultants before finding Anja. As a management team with no HR process experience, our previous consultants kept telling us how to do business. The unfortunate truth is that we spent hours with these people, and had nothing to show for it. Then we found Anja. A ray of light! She quickly developed a simple onboarding process. What a relief. Thanks Anja!"

  • Erin L., career coaching client, Alberta Canada
    I just want to say a big thank you, to you and your team for helping me out with my resume! The changes and suggestions made were awesome and helpful to say the least.
  • Ulla F., career coaching client, Munich GermanyOffice Manager
    It was really a pleasure working with Anja. 
    She is not just a professional person who knows her business but she is also able to work in a focused and disciplined way. She can certainly inspire and motivate employees.
  • Thomas D., Supply Chain Director, Munich GermanySupply Chain Director

    I was working many years with Anja in her function as HR Generalist supporting all relevant business units in our Supply Chain organization. She is a highly experienced HR specialist, handling operational tasks as well as strategic challenges with a good personal mix of empathy and clear direction to achieve the goals oft he corporation.Her positivity and ability of wining other opinions was helping a lot to lead the full organization through fundamental changes over many years.

  • Dr. Christiane R., Advocacy Specialist, Montana USAAdvocacy Specialist

    Anja and I have known and supported each other in our careers for many years. She has lived in multiple European countries, in Japan and is now in Canada. Anja is approachable, compassionate, enthusiastic and encouraging - character traits that paired with her long-standing experience in Human Resources serve her well in her work as a career coach. She will sit and listen to your needs, encourage you to follow your dreams, and will provide you honest feedback and constructive criticism as you work with her towards getting your dream job!

  • Anja K., Managing Director Human Resources, SwitzerlandVice President International Human Resources

    I met Anja during a job search and as a Recruiter she went out of her way to deliver an exceptional candidate experience to me. We stayed in touch since throughout the years of our professional HR careers and supported one another through best practice exchange and being a support network for each other. Anja is a wonderful person, empathetic, professional, operational and strategic at the same time. A great advisor in career questions for individuals and a great business partner for managers of a company.

  • Clemens S., Global Director Compensation, Munich GermanyDirector Global Benefits

    I had the pleasure of working with Anja during an intensive international transition period in our company in 2009. It was a time of high pressure not only for our employees but also for the Human Resources team involved. Anja handled the situation professionally and was supportive towards the affected employees. She strikes a wonderful balance between professionalism and sympathetic interaction. She is a very knowledgeable, supportive and understanding HR person.

  • Graham A., career coaching client, Nuremberg GermanyGraham A., career coaching client, Nuremberg GermanySenior IT Specialist

    It is thanks to Anja's excellent service, including her coaching, CV analysis and interview preparation skills that I was able to find my ideal position.
    Through the whole process of looking at and applying for new positions she ensured my CV and cover letter were incredibly well prepared and in each case I found I was called forward for interviews.
    I was well prepared for the interviews and was in a position to confidently answer and ask the right questions to ensure the Company and the position were right for me.
    I am still with the same Company and very grateful to Anja for all of her help and support.

  • Daniel A., career coaching client, Munich GermanyDaniel A., career coaching client, Munich GermanyWebsite Developer

    Dear Anja, thank you so very much for guiding me in the right direction. I always worked as a contractor but my dream was to become a website developer. With your support and good tips this dream came true. Your help with my resume was just perfect as I haven't applied for so many years and didn't know how to do this anymore. I can not say enough good things about your way of working.

  • Veronica S., career coaching client, Munich GermanyVeronica S., career coaching client, Munich GermanyEngineer

    Anja helped me to prepare my application documents, gave me tips to present myself in interviews, we even trained possible questions and right answers to emphasize my strongest points....and guided me to the right webs and gave me the contact of some headhunters she knew. After two months I was working; and 5 years later I still work for the same company."

  • Dr. Tudi L., career coaching client, Munich GermanyDr. Tudi L., career coaching client, Munich GermanyEmbedded Software Engineer

    "Anja went out of her way to ensure that I had a good profile to get started on my job hunt. In particular, she spell-checked the CV, helped me with my cover letter and did some research about the salary range.
    She contacted a few headhunters she had worked with in the past and that turned out to be a success. I got a contract offer just a few weeks after Anja started helping me. I started in that company after my university contract came to an end. Having help from Anja not only got me that job, it also lifted a lot of stress going through that transition, and secured a certain number of interviews in a rather short time."


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