Sometimes a little situation reminds you of why you love what you do ….

Being a coach, I usually work with adults and not so much with children. However, there are times where my professional expertise is needed in a totally different context. Recently, a little 8-year-old boy comes to me and asks me how to deal with a bully at his school, who randomly chooses other kids to attack. This boy, who is a calm, lovely and very positive child all of a sudden asked me: “Why is it me who is often the victim?”

Bullying is a big issue in today’s life, and despite different efforts in schools to talk about this topic, it is often not enough. So, it is not just important but also necessary and helpful, not just for kids of all ages, to address these issues in different ways.

I am lucky to be equipped with some coaching methods of #PointsOfYouCanada which helped me in this particular situation. I am so happy as these cards are an eye-opener in so many ways to talk about issues, problems or something where we need help. Talking about a personal situation or something which bothers you with a picture is so much easier and it also helps to get some distance from the situation, too. You can choose the perspective you want to and it helps you to address your fears. From all the cards, he has chosen these ones. Couldn’t it be more precise? 

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