Dear all, 

A couple of months ago I started an interesting professional journey to expand my knowledge in the field of “positive psychology”. This coaching concept aims to help reflecting clients on their past as a resource while co-creating a desired future. Hence, coaching others is a big part of my training. 

Part of my current learning module is finding people, i.e. “guinea pigs” ;-), who are willing to go through a 30 min professional coaching session with me (virtual of course i.e. FaceTime / phone / Zoom) and share their feedback with me after the session. 

Speaking with you is a great opportunity for me as a coach to gain clarity around my new skill set and how I would like to share it with others. I of course also hope that you as a “coachee” will take something positive out of it. Maybe we can provide some clarity on a situation which is currently important to you? Maybe you are thinking about a change in your career? Maybe you want to reach a new goal in your personal life but never find the time to actually do it? The topics we cover can be very brought and don’t necessarily have to have a career or professional background. 

You and I will sign a privacy agreement beforehand and nothing which is said during this session will be used afterward. Our discussion will stay private between the two of us. 

If you are interested, just let me know by reaching out to me by phone or text. I will then be able to reach out to you individually and book appointments. 

Thank you for your trust and for giving me this great opportunity!


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