As a certified Reiss Master Profiler©, I am able to offer coaching in a specific way.

According to Steven Reiss’ scientific and proven research, every person is driven by a number of psychological motivators. These are our main motivators in life and help us to create a picture of our intrinsic behavioral motivators, i.e. things that drive us. These traits form our feeling, our thinking and our interests. 

In your personal Reiss Motivation Profile© you will dive into your desires such as Power, Independence, Curiosity, Acceptance, Order, Saving, Honor, Idealism, Social Contact, Family, Status, Vengeance, Beauty, Eating, Physical Activity and Tranquility. 

With these results, you can see why you react in a certain way and see the reasons behind your behaviour in a wider context. 

The Reiss© Profile can be done in a professional setting to find out special dynamics at work. It can also be done in a 1:1 coaching session for personal use. 

Please contact me for any further details.

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