I know it was rather quiet the last couple of weeks here but there was a reason. Some people got into baking and cooking the last couple of months and as we couldn’t travel to our families in Europe either, we decided to start a little home reno project. 

Our vision, ideas, teamwork and enthusiasm have helped us to transform our dated basement into this amazing space – my new office!!

I don’t know about you but some rooms into our homes are seldom ideal. At least, this is what we felt about our basement. It was a space that satisfied our basic needs of guest room, play room and office but it was far from being beautiful. Yet , it had the potential to be beautiful and WE made that happen. Besides, I never had a real office space despite working from home. 

We have a beautiful upstairs where we have put a lot of work in but the basement was always something, we wanted to do some day but now, it was about time! 

So, after 5 weeks of renovating it ourselves, we have transformed one of the rooms into this wonderful and amazing office for myself, my clients (and Dennis if he works from home :-))

It was a LOT of work (thanks to YouTube , the little help of our 2 kids who almost never complained and also Dennis’ hidden contractor skills😁) and we learned a lot about renovations during that process. We argued,  we changed plans multiple times but hey – WE did it!! 

I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished. 

In case you want to know the details, let me know 😊…. and yes, this is an open farmhouse-like ceiling, spray painted and made sound proof with beautiful exposed beams. We love love love it!!! 

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