My coaching journey

Dear all,  A couple of months ago I started an interesting professional journey to expand my knowledge in the field of “positive psychology”. This coaching concept aims to help reflecting clients on their past as a resource while co-creating a desired future. Hence, coaching others is a big part of my training.  Part of my current learning module is finding people, i.e. “guinea pigs” ;-), who are willing to go through a 30 min professional Read more…

Points of You Canada

Sometimes a little situation reminds you of why you love what you do …. Being a coach, I usually work with adults and not so much with children. However, there are times where my professional expertise is needed in a totally different context. Recently, a little 8-year-old boy comes to me and asks me how to deal with a bully at his school, who randomly chooses other kids to attack. This boy, who is a Read more…

Global Skill Conference

Meet me as expert and panelist at the Global Skill Conference on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza in Kitchener/Waterloo. This fantastic conference is for job-ready Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) from the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas that provide ITPs with resources and information on: credential recognition, skill development, professional associations, regulatory bodies, related professions, networking and more. The Sector Hub Sessions will start at 1:30 pm and conclude by 3 pm.  

Senior HR Generalist

I am so lucky to work as a Consultant with such a fabulous team of HR colleagues in Kitchener. If you are currently looking for a new role in HR, this could be for you. Let me know if you are interested and I will connect you with my colleagues.    

Immigrant Services Workshop

Meet me at the Immigrant Services Workshop in Guelph today from 10-12. I am talking about how to apply in Canada and how to structure your application and prepare for your interview. #immigrantservices #immigratetocanada #guelphbusiness 


#HRPA2020 Toronto I had an amazing time and did meet new friends, inspiring coaches and leaders  757B93FB-F4D0-44FB-8816-5AE5B10DDD56    

Coaching Discount 15 %

Offering 15 % off your next coaching lesson till March 31st, Use the code “Coaching15” here on my website or when you send me a message. This offer could be used towards group coaching or individual coaching sessions #coaching #groupcoaching #leadership #training    

Expat-Dasein & HR

Es ist immer wieder toll, wenn aus online offline wird. Diese Woche hat mich Susan Höntzsch von #Karrierepfade hier in Guelph besucht. Es war wirklich toll. Bei Kaffee, Tee und Kuchen haben wir uns nicht nur über das Expat-Dasein in Kanada unterhalten, sondern auch über neue Themen im Bereich HR und kulturelles Training ausgetauscht.