PACKAGE – Coaching & Mentoring Business Clients.

Is your company facing major changes, a reorganization, a new corporate culture or a new management style? Learn how to best support your staff and how to effectively apply your expertise to enable your company to adjust and thrive during this time of change.

Let’s create a coaching strategy aligned with your business goals focusing on how to deal with change.

This project can be done on-site (GTA area) or via video conferencing.

Please follow up with me to discuss your coaching needs.

PACKAGE  – HR Business Services – Addressing your Need.

Do you need assistance with one of your current HR-Topics or do you want to implement an effective HR Strategy?

 I am your competent HR partner for your tailored HR needs. My expertise in different industries, SME’s and big international corporations will be beneficial.

I am available to guide and support you with

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Employee relations
  • Policies, procedures & employee handbooks
  • Talent management
  • High potential analysis
  • Exit interviews, outplacement, and termination of employment

 This project can be done on-site (GTA area) or via video conferencing.

Please follow up with me to discuss your HR needs.

PACKAGE – Onboarding your New Employee, the First 100 Days.

The first 100 days for your new employee – the onboarding – are critical. It is a crucial time for them to safely gain a foothold in the new area of responsibility, to overcome uncertainties and to successfully integrate into your company.

Learn to effectively enable your new employees to quickly know the corporate culture and understand the usual communication channels, the current hierarchy, and the associated role behavior. Onboarding also included a structured onboarding plan for the Hiring Manager and frees resources in your HR department.

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity to optimize new employee training, drive team building, and reduce employee turnover.

Please follow up with me to discuss your onboarding needs.




All packages are including tax, prices shown are final.

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Signed NDA will be provided (if needed).

Special bundle prices are available.

Terms of payment:

Business clients: Retainer, details upon agreement. Special discount applies when more than 2 packages are booked.