PACKAGE – Coaching Business Clients.

Is your company facing major changes, a reorganization, a new corporate culture or a new management style? Learn how to best support your staff and how to effectively apply your expertise to enable your company to adjust and thrive during this time of change.

Let’s create a coaching strategy aligned with your business goals focusing on how to deal with change.

This project can be done on-site (GTA area) or via video conferencing.

Please follow up with me to discuss your coaching needs.

PACKAGE  –  Reiss© Profile Master Session/Coaching (Corporate Clients & Individual Clients).

As a certified Reiss© Profile Master, I am able to offer coaching in a specific way.

Every person is driven by a number of psychological motivators. Out of all these motivators, Steven Reiss has created 16 basic desires such as Power, Independence, Curiosity, Acceptance, Order, Saving, Honor, Idealism, Social Contact, Family, Status, Vengeance, Romance, Eating, Physical Activity and Tranquility. These are our main motivators in life and help us to create a picture of our intrinsic behavioral motivators, i.e. things within us that drive us.

With the results of the Reiss© Motivation Profile you can see why certain actions are to be considered reasonable and why you behave in a certain way. By combining your personal individual motivators in life, we can understand and see the reasons behind your behavior.

The Reiss© Profile can be done in a professional setting to find out special dynamics at work. It can also be done in a 1:1 coaching session for personal use or if needed as a team exercise.

Package overview:

  • Initial meeting to discuss overall goal
  • Access to your personal Reiss© Profile questionnaire
  • Professional evaluation after the questionnaire
  • Follow up meeting and discussion about your personal profile

Price:  Please contact me for any further details.

PACKAGE  –  Balancing Work, Life & Family.

Let’s face it – It is not easy to balance work, life and family. As a mother of two I know what I am talking about.

Making a decision to return to work or to stay at home after maternity leave is a big one. There are certainly pro’s and con’s to every option and there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices. Your options will change at different stages in your family’s life.

As an entrepreneur, it is more of a work/life integration. A vital one to “live and breathe your business”. Technically, you are always working, or at least thinking about work a lot of time.

If you are a stay-at-home parent, if you are returning after maternity leave, if you are a single parent or an entrepreneur – we will discuss your options.

No matter what your personal situation is, we can make a plan that works for your life. Together, we will define what is best for you. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Package overview:

  • 30 minutes complementary call to define your situation
  • 2 hours personal detailed 1:1 coaching (GTA area) or video conferencing to discuss your status quo, your ideas and your goals
  • Action plan, goal setting and regular feedback (further resources as needed)
  • Follow up meeting

Price: from CAD$ 220 (tax included)

PACKAGE – A Healthy Work Environment (Corporate  Clients).

A healthy work environment leads to higher productivity. Creating and maintaining a healthy work environment is not just about managing employees. There are a lot of external factors which need to be re-evaluated from time to time which can have an impact on our staff.

Work relationships make us vulnerable, upset or cynical sometimes and it is important to find out what challenges your staff is experiencing.

Sometimes an employee survey gives you a better insight into the company, sometimes you need more. Sometimes we need to think outside the box to see what can be done for our employees.

Let’s talk about it and I can help.

Package overview:

  • Initial meeting to discuss overall goal
  • Action plan, goal setting & regular feedback
  • Defined delivery method (training, coaching, etc.)
  • Follow up meeting


Please follow up with me to discuss your needs.

All packages are including tax, prices shown are final.

Please contact me for further details if no price is available for a specific package.

A professional invoice will be provided.

Signed NDA will be provided (if needed).

Special bundle prices are available.

Terms of payment:

Business clients: Retainer, details upon agreement. Special discount applies when more than 2 packages are booked.