Are you stuck with a job you don’t like? Are there any obstacles that prevent you from moving on? Do you need support with your résumé, your LinkedIn profile or are you unsure of how to answer questions in an interview?
It’s no secret that it’s a pretty competitive job market out there, not just for people who are without work but also for those who have a job and have realized it’s not the career they dreamed of.  I can support you to make the search a bit easier, no matter what situation in life you are in. I am equipped with a variety of tools to find out where your strengths are, what motivates you or where you want to be.

To start, I will offer you a 30 minutes’ complimentary session to assess your professional situation, where you can ask all the questions you have. If you choose to step the next step, here is what you can expect:
Together we will define milestones on what to achieve.
I know a job search can create a fair amount of anxiety or stress. Let us understand together how some of these factors may be involved in keeping you stuck in your career. While working on your milestones you will gain career confidence, encouragement and inspiration.
I will support you in making informed decisions about your career development and/or your status quo. We can work on your search strategy, your résumé, your cover letter, your LinkedIn profile or your interview skills.

Together with my husband and photographer Dennis Muecher, we can create your professional portrait in a relaxed atmosphere, so that you can present yourself in the best way whenever needed.


Being a Human Resources Professional, I know how challenging it can be for your company to design or implement HR strategies. There are a lot of people to convince.

Sometimes, there have been signs that your company has grown, the sales numbers are up, the number of clients has increased and you have to hire more people to handle all your work. Then you realize, you need a fulltime person just to handle the staffing that arises.
Some ‘play it by ear’ and just assign one existing person the task of handling any human resource needs. Unfortunately, that method may only work in the short term. To effectively manage the success of your staffing’s needs, you need to work on an applicable HR strategy. Establishing this strategy before you actually need it, is the key.
Let me help you define your Human Resource needs. No matter if it is a New Hire package, an appealing Onboarding Strategy, interview coaching for your staff, talent acquisition, international hiring expertise or an Employee Referral Program. I could also guide you when you face a transition.
Contact me at any time to discuss your projects.



Most people won’t have the same job or career over the span of their working life. Or, the career we have chosen will shift or change and evolve with the pace of technology.

  • After years of staying home with the kids, you are ready to go back to the workforce …
  • You are missing the red line in your résumé …
  • You plan on going back to finish your degree …
  • You are missing some qualifications …
  • You would like to use shared expertise but you don’t know where to start …
  • After years of being a happy Baker, you decide to become a Gardener …

Trust me, I can relate! There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Even unconventional career patterns are a great way of exploring your motivation. Tell me about it and we will work with your ideas. I will guide you along the way, we will develop a road map or I will introduce you to the right people. We will start with a complimentary 30-minute session to assess your professional situation, where you can ask any questions you may have.