Are you excited about your current industry, but you would like to develop further in your field?

Are there any obstacles that prevent you from moving on?

Do you need help you prepare for a specific opportunity or to navigate your job search?

Do you need support with your résumé, your LinkedIn profile or are you unsure of how to answer questions in an interview?

Or do you just want to explore and validate career ideas?

Working with a career coach helps you to identify and explore options, work on stress triggers or practice new techniques to cope with them. We will focus on your natural strengths and how they apply to your career. You can expect a safe place where you can share your thoughts in an environment that free from judgment which remains 100 % confidential.

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I am your strategic partner, your challenger of ideas and beliefs and your explorer of solutions.

Being an experienced Human Resources Professional myself, I know how challenging it can be for your company to navigate certain internal challenges sometimes. It takes  courage and time  to develop or enhance a certain management style, to foster effective team work or deal with conflicts when they arise.

Working with a coach in your business helps you define your objectives, your aspiration and goals that motivate and inspire your staff.

As a leader, you may feel you are too busy to stop and examine what might be limiting your company from accomplishing your goals or influencing others to attain theirs.

Gift yourself with time and hire a strategic partner to help you on your journey.

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When you are working with a coach, you may wish to have some consulting services as well. Someone you can trust with your complex HR projects.

As a competent HR partner, I can offer coaching and consulting for your business as a combined service for your tailored HR needs.

My professional and personal expertise in various parts of the world makes me also your perfect partner for your expat community. I have worked in different industries, SME’s and big international corporations and I am able to guide and support you with various HR consulting and training  projects.

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